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LAN Cable

RJ-45 Modular Cable

CAT'5 Patch Cord w/Boots

10 base-T / 100 Base-T

RAYTEC's Category 5 Patch Cord meet new tighter manufacturing tolerances and more rigid material controls for TSB-40A.

Category 5 10 Base-T patch cords are built to meet 100 MHz performance. Both models of molded boots and assembly boots are available. All cables are CSA approved and fully tested.

Our Patch Cords Exceed the EIA/TIA 568a Specification:

  • Contact: 50µ" gold plating
  • Wire: 24AWG, stranded, category 5.
  • Meets or exceeds EIA/TIA 568a specifications.
  • Molded or assembly strain relief available.
  • Available in 3', 6', 10', 15', 25', 50', 75', and 100' length.
  • Available color: black, blue, beige, white, yellow, gray, red, orange, green.

UTP Color Coding of Wire Pairs:

  1. Blue, Blue-White
  2. White-Orange, Orange
  3. White-Green, Green
  4. White-Brown, Brown

Shielded Twisted Pair (STP)

Premise data cable applies for all types of data transmission applications, primarily for RF or EMI, the RJ-45 modular plug with full metal shell.

Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP)

The predominated media choice for computer and LAN communications, the RJ-45 modular plug without metal shell.

Common Wiring Configurations

T568A and T568B wiring scheme are nearly identical except that pairs two and three are reversed. T568A is the preferred scheme because it is compatible with 1 or 2 -pair USOC system. Either configuration can be used for Integrated services Digital Network (ISDN) application.


10-BASE5 Ethernet Cable

10-BASE2 Ethernet Cable

The IEEE 802.3 standard for the operation of 10 Mbps networks. There are different versions of 802.3, depending on the type of cabling used, the IEEE standard for thick Etherent is 10Base5, for thin Ethernet is 10Base2.

10-BASE5 Standard thick Ethernet is called thick because of the thick coaxial cabling (trunk cable) used in its application, 10 is for 10 Megabits per second (Mbps) operation, BASE is for baseband operation, and 5 is for maximum of 500 meters of cable segment length.

10-BASE2 Thin Ethernet got its name because the coaxial cable it runs on is thinner than the cable used for thick Ethernet. 10 is for 10 Mbps operation, BASE is for baseband operation and 2 is for a maximum of 200 meters of cable segment length.

Token-ring is an industry standard to connect mainframes and minicomputers all on one network, it's an open system allowing different vendor's software & hardware components full compatibility based on the IEEE 802.5, Token-ring protocol standard.These multi-purpose cables can be used as patch cables in wiring closets or TYPE 6 cables with a data connector on each end or DB9 male and RJ-45 plug as shown.

And Type 1 for the connection between the distribution cabinet and the wall outlets.

V.35 Cable

V.35 interface cables are used on DTE or DCE equipment interfacing to a high-speed digital carrier. Typical assemblies are low capacitance shielded cable with 34-pin connectors. However 25-pin, 50-pin, 44-pin and 15-pin connector are also frequently utilized.

CM-2401-06 V.35 MALE / D-SUB 25 MALE 6FT
CM-2411-06 V.35 MALE / V.35 MALE 6FT
CM-2412-06 V.35 MALE / V.35 FEMALE 6FT